Become more successful via continuous feedback.

Create a feedback-rich culture at work. Keep your people happy, see trends, identify talent and underperformers.

Give meaningful feedback in seconds

Use our proven COMPASS methodology to give useful feedback lightning fast. Something more personal to tell? Give a free text feedback - anything goes.

Empower your employees to grow

Quick and easy 360 feedback will let your colleagues reach their full potential.

Be a better

Get a quick glance of your team’s performance, or deep dive into data to identify growth opportunities.

Swift, effortless feedback

Clunky, slow processes are a no-no for the 21st century workforce. Plenuum’s COMPASS methodology makes the feedback process feel like a breeze, yet provides meaningful insights into performance.

Data-driven team management

Get a quick glance at your direct reports’ performance. Deep dive into data to assess the top opportunities for both growth and recognition. Browse individual feedback to prepare for 1on1s.

Why does feedback help me?

1. Probably most of your team is a Millenial

Millenials need more feedback, otherwise they are prone to leave. Give them what they want, save time and money on lower churn rate.

2. Feedback sent with Plenuum creates action

A feedback isn't worth much without follow-up. Plenuum assists and empowers everyone to give actionable feedback that ignites action.

3. Support your mid-managers

Help mid-managers be more productive – conduct meaningful 1on1s, coach their teams more effectively. High performing teams boost company performance.

Create a better place to work at and become more successful. Let us know where we can reach you and start your free 3 month trial!